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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A pedagogy that meets the child’s needs

A daycare center must explain to parents the different pedagogical axes on which it builds its educational model. It must present its work methodology and the way it recruits its educators. Indeed, the pedagogical team must be continuously trained to ensure quality care for the children and to imbue the children with noble values.

Clarity in admission procedures

Several points are important and should be presented to parents in a transparent manner (admission conditions, response time, monthly cost, waiting list, registration procedures, documents to be provided, etc.)


An adapted welcome

Children, parents… do not all come from the same background. Several communities can be found in the same daycare center. This is why it is important to teach the children universal values and to adapt the daily welcome to the different situations of the families (married or divorced parents, financial situation…).


A frequent exchange with parents based on sharing

Day care centers must involve parents in their efforts to improve the educational system by proposing monthly meetings, a rapid communication system (social networks), the creation of a parent association.


Children’s safety

The crèche is a place where the baby or child spends a good part of his or her early childhood. They do not yet recognize what is dangerous and what is not. This is why the nursery must follow strict safety standards to avoid any danger (windows that can be reached, sharp grills, materials that are difficult to wash…). Still concerning the safety of the children, there is the hygiene of the different activity classes, the toilets, the courtyard and the detection of any disease that could contaminate the children.


The development of the children

The crèche is the child’s second family. It must welcome them warmly and offer them a suitable framework and various activities so that each child finds his place.


A citizen approach
In order for the daycare center to impregnate children with noble values, it must first and foremost be so. This comes from having a citizen approach where the day care center works on annual projects with other specialists in early childhood, other colleagues… It can for example welcome children from underprivileged backgrounds to guarantee the mix of the establishment and give the children a real image of their society from their youngest age.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]