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Constructive toys for children

Our goal is to offer kids and families educational toys that prevent excessive screen time and its negative impact on young minds. We believe that proper cognitive and sensory development significantly influences a child’s future, so we strive to provide them with the best tools for healthy growth. Our toys, including our flagship product, the Kitibook, are made of fabric and are created in collaboration with speech therapists and psychomotor therapists.

The child never gets bored

The Kitibook is a 100% customizable book for children from 10 months to 6 years old. The sheets of the Kitibook are grouped together with laces. Parents are advised not to give the child more than one sheet at a time. Once the concept is acquired, we move on to the next sheet. The child sees the sheet as a toy, the Kitibook, as several toys … So he never gets bored.

How to use the Kitibook

Undo book laces

Learn the concept

Go to the next concept

A toy for the family

The Kitibook is a toy for the family since children can play on it at the same time. Indeed, children can exchange the different sheets. It is a real investment that the child will keep for years to come. The Kitibook is 100% washable.

Group learning

The Kitibook can also be used in nurseries, kindergartens, activity centers, pediatric waiting rooms. Speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, and neuropsychologists can use it daily with their patients.

What are the main principles of the Montessori Method that Kitibook follows

The Kitibook is based on the Montessori method: Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. The four principles of the Montessori method are

Respect for children

Sensitivity of periods of learning

Autonomy and discovery

Suitable environment

Developed with child specialists, used by child specialists

The kitibook is designed with language therapists, motor skills experts, neuropsychologists and educators who tested it and contributed to the improvement of the product in order to :