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When we talk about early childhood, we are usually referring to the period between birth and eight years old. This is a great time of growth when brain development is at its peak. You should also think about providing more stimulation to this part of the body. Sensory games will be of great help in this case. Educational games have always been known to awaken the senses of children. They contribute to the sensory and psychomotor development of your little ones.


Early childhood development

For every child, the first moments are particularly important. Moreover, these are very fast moments. We should therefore think about ensuring a healthy brain development. Proper nutrition is not necessarily enough. We should also think about protecting and stimulating it. Knowing that a child’s brain builds at an incredible speed during the first years, it is essential to pay attention to this point.

Unfortunately, we live in an era where the use of smartphones and tablets has reached worrying proportions. For children, these items should be avoided at best. There are many centers that offer little ones educational games for their sensory and psychomotor development. You can even find educational books that will be very beneficial to children of all ages.

Stimulation through play is one of the main elements that contribute to the brain building process, along with nutrition, protection, speech, attention, and interaction from caregivers. By deciding to play, the child experiments, tries out new actions, studies the reactions, to draw conclusions and better understand the world.


The importance of sensory awareness

It is during the early years that the child’s intellect is forged. This is why we now offer all kinds of games designed to awaken the child’s senses. A single game can have several difficulties. The fact that the child will try to solve these difficulties by all means helps to stimulate his intelligence. The child is more alert, visual acuity develops at the same time and his ability to concentrate gradually improves.

However, take the trouble to select the right toys for your little one. Certain “ingredients” are necessary for the game to have the desired effect. Make sure the toys are easy to handle. That way, the child will be able to use them easily. It is difficult to make generalizations about the physical appearance of a toy. Just make sure it is educational and that the child will enjoy it. Games that offer flexible play rules should also be favored. It is thanks to this that it will be possible to adapt the level of difficulty of the game to the needs of the child, playing at the same time on the time of play and the complexity of the actions to be carried out. All the senses of the child must be involved to stimulate the brain.